• SOM

    We released Som (the Spirit of Manchester) into the world for Manchester Day 2019 produced by Walk the Plank as the lead image. We worked tirelessly with a team of incredible artists and volunteers to produce this piece of work. Representing the industries of old with modern day Manchester and its beautiful melting pot of cultures and influences, all painted onto flowing 10m pieces of silk, all hand painted, all hand made.


Design & Concept – Cabasa Carnival Arts, Iola Weir & Candida Boyes

Artistic Director – Emily Wood

Head design and sculpture by the queen of faces AKA Melanie Roberts
Mechanics and movement by the genius that is Ian Broscomb
Beautiful face decoration designed by Lizzie Rigby
Silks & Fabric – Emily Wood

Team of Amazing Artists:

Abbie Boughton
Becky Bryson
Dan Jones
Eleanor Kalaher
Ellesse Young
Fiona Bunting
Gordon Banks
Helen Findlay
Jon Mambo
Julia Walker
Lauren Moore
Lucinda Potter
Rachel Elaine

Huge thanks go to Global Grooves – Manchester for The Vale and their additional support on the day.

Photo by Mark Waugh & Christian Dyson