We are looking for 20 women and those assigned female at birth living in Greater Manchester who have been diagnosed with Endometriosis to take part in our next phase of our empowering body painting series, as well as 10 artists interested in developing their artistic practice exploring body painting.

Metamorphosis is an ongoing project by Cabasa (based in Mossley, Tameside) using body paint as a tool for wellbeing and empowerment.

Cabasa is a Carnival arts organisation which brings all people together to create big, bold and beautiful events that capture the joy of being part of a community. Cabasa uses arts and creativity to enable people to learn new skills, develop high-quality work they feel proud of, bring communities together and explore diverse community traditions.


“ Art can help you cope with emotions, becoming art can help you inhabit and be empowered by them.
Body painting has power as a source of healing and empowerment.”

– Emma Cammack [body painting artist]



March 2022 is endometriosis awareness month, throughout the month there will be 4 evening sessions where 20 participants will work with 10 artists working on ideas and themes and their shared experience.

Sessions will include breakout rooms and group work with creative therapeutic activities, sparking in-depth discussions and exploring shared and differing experiences of Endometriosis. Artists and participants will partner up and explore design, colour, texture to express their experience.

We will be working with renowned body painting artists and art therapists throughout the project.

At the end of the month all of our ideas and thoughts will be explored in a celebratory weekend of body painting, where each person will be painted by the artists they’ve gotten to know over the month, and professionally photographed 

We will then work towards an exhibition and digital resource to share our stories and raise awareness of endometriosis through beautiful body art.


At this early stage we are looking for expressions of interest in this project from participants (people who would like to be photographed and share their story) and artists (people who want to train to further their skills or learn how to body paint).


To take part you must:


> Be a woman or assigned female at birth who has been diagnosed with endometriosis.
> Live in Greater Manchester
> Commit to 4 evenings and a final celebratory weekend on the final weekend in March (days/times TBC).
> Be 18+


We are looking for 10 artists who are women or assigned female at birth to develop their skills in body painting and community-based working. You may have never explored this art form before or want to continue your practice.

This is not currently a paid opportunity, however generous expenses are available and you will receive free training in full body painting:

If you are interested you will:


> Receive free training, learning from internationally recognised body painting artists.
> Learn from experts about working in an art therapy setting
> Raise awareness through body art
> Take part in a live body painting session working on designs with participants you will have got to know over 4 weeks.
> Have professional photographs to add to your portfolio

You don’t need to have Endometriosis to take part as an artist, though if you do please let us know!

  • “ I feel like stripping off and being painted just freed me from all these day to day niggles I have about my body. It was definitely a form of therapy for me. I still draw on that feeling of security and acceptance every time I have a wobble about how I look.”

    - Lauren Moore [Body Painting Participant]


We have found combining art and raising awareness are a perfect combination and tool for social change, as well as wellbeing and empowerment.

It takes 8 years on average for a diagnosis of this condition. This is both because of low awareness amongst clinical professionals and women’s own expectations of periods, specifically that high pain is typical and must just be tolerated.

Through sharing information online, sharing work with the local community and friends and family, we want to help raise awareness and help women secure diagnoses earlier.

Our artistic director Emily also has lived experience with endometriosis.

For more information you can read more at:


Please select and fill out the relevant form below and a member of our team will get in touch. All of your answers are strictly confidential and only shared with a small number of our team.


    Endomorphosis is part of our ongoing research and development project into body painting called Metamorphosis. From studying the art form across the globe from its ancient roots and modern cultural forms, to how the body painting can become a tool for wellbeing and empowerment.


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