When light and water meet, magic emerges. 
The Spirit Of The North has been summoned.

A bringer of light and hope into the hearts and minds of our community.

As the rain
And we bring light
The spirits will come out to play

Will you bring your light to summon the Spirit Of The North?



First produced as part of Northern Lights 2022 in Tameside and performed at Oldham Illuminate 2023, you can now book this touring production for your own event!

This production tells the story of 4 different elemental spirits, and themes of sharing light and hope in the community. Large puppets, illuminated dancers, live street bands, all in full costume parading through the streets.

We can work with you to bring The Spirit Of The North to your event, we can take elements away or add in even more puppets and elements. All depending on what budget you have.


There’s also the option of creating your own silks to trail off the our lead figurehead, The Spirit Of The North, with stories from your community, or simply book with these beautiful existing silks.

We can also discuss other collaborative options.

When creating this show we worked with local community groups, telling their stories of light, hope and living in the North. We created the silks with the help of those groups in different workshops which we facilitate at our studios here in Mossley in Greater Manchester, or we can come to you with our mobile studio.


Read on to find out all about this beautiful production. 

of the spirits. A bringer of hope. A beacon in the darkness.

 Golden, sparkling, bringer of warmth and light. 

 Free flowing, transformational, bringer of life.  

 Combiner of the elements and bringer of joy.

We worked with the following Tameside-based organisations to tell their stories on The Spirit Of The North lead figure:

– Age UK
The Anthony Seddon Fund
Khush Amdid
The Townhouse (Stronger Together Tameside)

Our partners Mossley Writers worked with these organisations to tell their stories based on our theme of light and hope. We took their ideas and stories to inspire our designs, which were then turned into hand painted fabrics as part of our main figurehead reflecting ideas, feelings, and cultures of the local area.

Here are some images of the making process, we cannot create this or any large-scale work without the help of our volunteer community of Mas makers.


We’d love to hear from you, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or email [email protected]


Credits & Thanks

Team Cabasa:

Artistic Director: Emily Wood
Executive Producer: Kate Rothery
Digital and Comms: Dan Jones

Spirit Of The North Lead Figure:
Lead Artists:
Mel Roberts (structure)
Kate Rothery (textile covering)
Lizzie Rigby (silk batik designs and painting)
Mike Pattison (engineer)

The Light Spirit
: designed by Iola Weir with Global Grooves Future Leaders students and further developed by Cabasa.

The Water Spirit:
Created and designed by Iola Weir, with thanks to NDP Circus

The Rainbow Spirit:
created and designed by Rowan Taylor.

Assistant Artists:

Nina Smith
Stacey Wood
Becky Taylor-Christian
Jo Cutting
Holly Farmer
Dan Jones
Mollie Mills

Costume Team:
Lead Costume Makers: Vikki Salmon, Marium Mohammad

Costume Assistants:
Jude Webb
Monika Balicka

Writing workshops:
Pat Baker and Maralyn from Mossley Writers

SON stories and silk design inspiration developed with: The Anthony Seddon Fund, Khush Amdid, Age UK Tameside, The Townhouse (Stronger Together Tameside)

Studio Assistants & Volunteers:

Sue Ferner
Janet Gorman
Katherine Wyers
Fiona Doyle
Kitty Aurora
Anne-Marie Cauldwell
Ruth Balmforth
Kush Amdid
Deepak Distri
Rachel Hirst

Massive thanks to the whole team at Global Grooves and The Vale Mossley for their continued support and beautiful space.

First Produced for Tameside Council as part of Northern Lights 2022.

Photos by: Sam Orchard, Richard Tymon, Mark Waugh

This project was supported by: