Journey of the Orixás


This project was a Cabasa Carnival Arts and Global Grooves collaboration it aditions, values and cultures produced as a result of migrant communities across the world learning to settle together and share their experiences.

‘Journey of the Orixas’ premiered at Manchester Day Parade on Sun 2nd June 2013 and the second performance took place at Big Drum Day, Chorley, on Sun 4th August 2013. Taking its inspiration from the deities of the Candomblé tradition, the project was a celebration of the positive aspects of cultural migration. It paid homage and respect to the ancient and beautiful traditions of our African ancestors and to the many taken from their homelands as slaves to the new world.

Working from this brief, Cabasa created bespoke, individualised, colourful costume and props for 10 dancers representing different Orixas, and over 80 costumes for performers & volunteers including: drummers, singers and large-scale puppet operators.

As the relationship between Cabasa and Global Grooves has developed, new techniques have been employed which include large scale batik work, head dress making and silk creations for the presentation. Also featured were two large scale 20ft puppets representing two particular Orixas which were operated by a team of fantastic volunteers. The team received specialist training on how to operate these large kinetic structures with a view to providing further free training in aerial/back pack operation; ensuring investment in future projects.

Cabasa Carnival Arts worked with over 60 passionate and skilled volunteers from the community and without them, this high-quality presentation would not have been possible.