Desi Carnival


The Desi Carnival (2017) was produced by Global Grooves, Commissioned by Official Manchester Mega Mela and funded through Grants for the Arts (Arts Council England).

Lead Artists:
Adriana Rosso – Lead Choreographer
Emily Wood – Lead Costume Artist
Hannah Jones – Print Designer
Jack Tinker – Musical Director
Kate Rothery – Elephant Dresser
Leon Patel – Artistic Director
Manuela Benini – Zamana Choreographer
Marium Mohammed – Lead Costume Artist
Melanie Roberts – headdress Designer
Mike Green – Lead Elephant Designer
Natalie Lawson – Lead Costume Designer
Rajeev Gupta – Bhangra Choreographer
Rowan Taylor – Burrokeets Dresser
Vicky Richards– Lead Costume Artist

Creative Partners:
Adriana Rosso Dance – Choreography – Bhangra Dance
Cabasa Carnival Arts – Costume
Dream Engine – Heliosphere
Handmade Samba (Handmade Parade) – Percussion
Mambo Amp – Parade Amplification
Manchester School of Samba – Percussion
Nutkhut – Zamana
Orixa Bloco – Percussion
Sambafriq – Percussion
The Vale – Studio and Rehearsal Venue