Juba do Leão


Cabasa has been designing and creating costumes for this unique multi discipline arts collective specialising in Brazilian percussion dance and melody since 2010.

“Inspired by the floor-shaking rhythms and vibrant dances of North-Eastern Brazil, Juba do Leão take you on an enlightening tour of the intoxicating grooves of Brazil and beyond. Every performance features beats and breaks that offer a dynamic journey of Brazilian coastal grooves for an unsuspecting audience”

Commissions have involved co-ordinating a team of volunteers and seamstresses in the fabrication of costume for 30+ members of the group. A new colour scheme was introduced to the group, reflecting the regal design of traditional costume with a Cabasa twist. The dancers costumes also pay homage to afro-Brazilian deities Orixás, which feature heavily in Pernambucan Carnival styles.