Our kaleidoscope of butterflies are a perfect edition to any event, we have a collection of marvellous Menelaus Blue Morphos and a now whole rainbow of butterflies in our collection to have fun with.

Our wings are made from beautiful hand painted silk, are lightweight and held together by a simple backpack structure. Skip the caterpillar stage…our wings only take a minute to put on then you’re free to fly away and be a giant butterfly. Don’t just let the kids have fun, have a wonderful festival family photo with everyone in the wings. A fun and simple way to capture a special moment.



> We’ll bring 10 sets of our butterflies to your event for people to try throughout the day (with breaks for our staff factored into the time).

> Two members of our team will be on hand to help little and big people into these fabulous wings. Ideal for outdoors or we would require a large indoor space to run around in. We can set up in any space and is an ideal walk up activity.

> These walk ups get very busy and transform any space into a whirlwind of colour.

Perfect for: Festivals – Family Events – Parades – Carnivals – Themed Events (forest/garden/magic) – Photo Shoots – Film Shoots

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